Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Log 301116

Well, after a long time of neglecting the sources on my computer I somehow got in the mood to code again. Somehow I needed to get rid of all the wild ideas I wanted to implement. So, I've been coding on-and-off for some time now.

Stuff I did.
  • Simplified the syntax even further.
  • Combinator lift routines.
  • Rewrote the module loader such that it can handle interactive mode.
  • Got rid of methods in favor of 'overloaded' operators.
  • Started on a bytecode interpreter.
  • Registered a github page.
It now generates very faulty bytecode. But I am happy that at least I got to the point that C++ accepts it.

I rushed the bytecode generator too much. This needs some re-thinking how to maintain several invariants when traversing the AST. And that for a trivial language which will never be used much. Ah well.