Monday, January 2, 2017

Log 010217

Well, happy New Year to everyone I guess. I can't say I am terribly amused with progress over the last month or so. For one, the slight change in semantical processing is something I should be able to code in a day or two/three, and somehow nearly a month has passed so far. I really wanted my source code on Github by now! But I also hurt my wrist which took two weeks to recover, so there is that too.

But I am back to programming, still in progress of implementing the data structure (simple multiple-linked nested symbol table), and discovered I probably need to overhaul it once again. Reason: I forgot a design decision in my former approach which uses one map for global symbols and one map for local analysis. And I made that decision because I want to go from source code to evaluation fast, and using one static symbol table and another one for local analysis means I'll be able to parallelize more in the long run.

So, now I need to figure out whether it is worth it to preemptively defensively code a global static and local dynamic table approach.

Pff. Design decisions over not even .5KLoc of code. It's a good thing it is only a hobby project because as a manager I would never hire myself to write any code.

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