Sunday, August 13, 2017

Log 081317

I implemented a quick-and-dirty IRC bot for Egel, a C++ application which allows for online evaluation. That gave me the opportunity to work on a somewhat neat manner of incorporating the Egel runtime in a C++ application.

It works but not to my satisfaction. I need to change and support two things: 1) Evaluation now works in a cumbersome manner with callbacks which need to go. 2) I need to think about a scheme to call Egel routines from the evaluator. I am not sure what I want here but some tighter integration seems in order.

I also found a not so nice bug in bytecode generation. Well, that's a show stopper. I am not worried since I trust the evaluation scheme I got but annoyed that a bug like that can pop up that late during development. I need to either test a lot or idiot proof it, and it turns out I am not idiotic enough to write down really strange programs which bring all bugs to the surface.

Then there is OO. I think I'll need syntactic sugar for an extend relation. That's not too hard but some work.

So, in order, my small todo list below:
  1. Fix the byte generation bug.
  2. Make calling the evaluator sane.
  3. Add extend relation to objects.
The work is never done.

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