Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Log 050217

I committed the changes which cut operator overloading. I wasn't very sure about it because I saw it as a means of solving the expression problem for this language. However, the expression problem occurs in larger languages where you don't have all sources under your control because some code, modules, are maintained by others.

This language doesn't have users, I want to grow it into something domain specific, all source code is fully under control by the one user which is me. And the expression problem shouldn't occur to me or my users since I don't intend it to be used for general software engineering purposes.

As such, it was a solution to an entirely academic problem which only cost a steep amount of CPU cycles per lookup. And, in the unforeseen event I actually grow Egel into a language which attracts end-users, I imagine they care more about performance than about solutions to problems which don't exist.

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