Friday, May 5, 2017

Scrap mobile code? For now? For ever?

Right. So the master plan is to develop a language which combines ideas of statistical computing and mobile code. Mobile R, in short.

Great ideas!

But I've been reading up on mobile code and there's a) either no market for that or b) it falls squarely into the category of academically uninteresting things to do but technologically one of the hardest stunts to pull off.

That is, if you walk into a university these days the response will likely be "So you can migrate combinators, huh? Neat. My paragliding functor does the same and I've published tons of papers about that."

But it's ridiculously hard to implement the functionality in such a way that you actually get to the point you have a tool people will be willing to use.

Even after trivializing the heck out of it, I am looking at, what, three years of development?

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