Friday, December 9, 2016

Log 120916

Right. So, after I removed some small bugs it's time to overhaul the environment data structure I use. For one, I realized I wasn't being very smart about semantic analysis and I knew that the way I represented namespaces (basically a flat list of declarations) would give me back quadratic behavior.

I did some testing on a medium sized file (34k lines,  114k words, 608k characters) containing 6k namespace declarations. Profiling indeed gave me back around 30 seconds of wasted time.
Each sample counts as 0.01 seconds.
  %   cumulative   self                 
 time   seconds   seconds    calls     name    
 39.96      5.95     5.95     6000     RewriteIdentify::rewrite_decl_namespace(...
 24.48      9.60     3.65    42009     std::_Rb_tree...::_M_erase(...
 13.77     11.65     2.05     6001     std::_Rb_tree_node...::_M_copy...
 13.40     13.64     2.00 60883594     std::__shared_ptr..
  4.37     14.29     0.65 63833779     std::_Sp_counted_base...::_M_release()
  2.65     14.69     0.40 62664103     std::vector...::vector...

Which, well, won't do, two orders off. Time to refactor this for performance now, which probably means a bit of a dirty solution. I'll take a day or two for this.

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