Friday, December 2, 2016

Much Weirdity

After more debugging it seems to evaluate fine. Weird stuff you can do too, shown below.
namespace Test (

    def f = [ X, Y -> X ]

    def g = [ f X -> f X X ]


using Test

def main = g (f 1)

Which gives

[marco@stallion src]$ ./egel ../tests/ 

Okay, for those who assume this is a feature, this is fully intentional. Egel has eager combinator rewriting semantics so when evaluating g (f 1) it will try to reduce f 1, which fails since f is a dyadic function, therefor remains constant. After that g matches on f 1 and f 1 1 is reduced to 1. Completely according to semantics.

I hope to lift that behavior such that I can implement Mathematica style symbolic manipulation, though that has a far more complex operational semantics. But who knows?

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