Friday, July 14, 2017

Log 071417

Over the last few days, I fixed a number of trivialities and added some basic functionality. Escaping/unescaping on characters and strings, got an interactive prompt running, added basic -recursive- comparison operators on runtime objects, fixed a lifting bug in try/catch (and introduced a new one), and some more stuff.

I am working towards implementing an N-queens example in Egel but hit a snag, a core dump on a program. Well, that's a long time ago. So, a) good I started on a less trivial program, and b) bad I hit a core dump on that. That shouldn't happen anymore.

A well. Just wrinkling out stuff, I guess. Hope this bug ain't too pesky.

EDIT: Didn't turn out too pesky. I forgot a recursive case in desugaring lists, which probably implied code generation on an AST node which shouldn't exist. Phew...

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