Saturday, July 29, 2017

Log 072917

There are two things I need to get right before the Egel interpreter is in any state of being made public. One is handling of Unicode, one is handling of floating point numbers.

 The problem with Unicode is severe since it doesn't reproduce consistently.
[marco@stallion src]$ ./egel 
>> "asfdas"
>> "hello world!"
>> "!"
>> "h!"
>> "hello world!"
I am simply not a Unicode expert. Of course, the code looks right -just a number of conversions- but I simply don't know what goes wrong here. 

Then there is the floating point handling.

[marco@stallion src]$ ./egel 
>> using System
>> 131.153535
>> 0.12341424 / 132414412.0

Somehow the float conversion doesn't seem to produce a 64bit representation. Or, it looks like it has an internal 64 bit representation but the conversion from and to a double seems to assume less precision. At least, this bug produces consistent behavior. Guess I am stuck for a few days. For the Unicode bug I might need an expert, though.

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