Sunday, July 16, 2017

Opaque Combinators

It's design time! As the implementation progresses I am working towards a solution for primitive input/output (IO) in Egel. As a design specification, I simply copied the, or one, interface of Ocaml's primitive IO libraries from a website. Keeping fingers crossed they thought that design through.

That means I am leaving purity behind. But then, if you want pure combinators, you can always build them upon the impure interface so not much is lost.

The bigger problem is that I now need to come up with some kind of scheme for impure 'stateful' combinators. I.e., a fix for file handles, raw pointers, matrices, etc.

So what have I got? For one, the symbol attached to a combinator isn't enough to uniquely describe it. Moreover, equality is problematic and needs to be handled elsewhere. The runtime can't look into the combinator since it simply doesn't know, cannot know, what it contains; but it needs a symbol attached it seems.

Right. A bit foggy but some solution is dawning on me.

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